About Us

Who is RFMAX and what do we do?

We design, produce, and bring to market professional grade antennas and coaxial cables for commercial and industrial clients. We are a US based team of RF antenna and cable specialists. All day, every day...Antennas, Antennas, Antennas! (and cables.)  

We are aware that no one (besides us) really cares about antennas, and that makes us sad, but hey, we get it!  Our clients only care about how antennas can maximize the RF performance of their product or system. When you are ready to take your RF performance to the MAX, it’s time for RFMAX.

Antennas that we DO.

We offer antennas and cables for: 3G/4G/LTE cellular machine to machine communication, IoT /  internet of things, industrial WiFi, RFID, LoRa, ISM, FirstNet / Band 14, and UHF / VHF for fleets.

Antennas that we DON’T DO.

We do not offer antennas for: mobile phones, consumer grade WiFi devices, satellite TV, digital TV, satellite radio, Amateur / HAM, volunteer fire departments, and marine radios.

Why choose to work with RFMAX?

Our clients work with us because we are passionate about antennas.  We get “in the trenches” with our clients, and work to understand exactly what antennas they need to maximize the RF performance of their product or system.  Our antennas and cables are high performance, ultra rugged, aesthetically neutral, priced right and readily available at www.rfmax.us or through our dealer/distributors.

Markets we serve.

OEM.  First, we build antennas for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) companies who build radios.  Our clients include manufacturers of cellular modems/gateways and cellular failover devices, IoT devices, 900 Mhz LoRa and ISM point to point radios, industrial WiFi systems, passive RFID readers, FirstNet/Band 14 radios as well as UHF and VHF fleet radios.

System Integrators. Next, we build antennas for system integrators who install and maintain cellular, WiFi, LoRa/ISM and RFID systems.  These systems could be installed in a fleet vehicles for police / public safety, transit buses, or public utility company trucks and vans. Or, these systems could serve as infrastructure in warehouses, hospitals, malls or on school campuses.  When these clients need large volumes of commercial antenas, they turn to RFMAX.

VAR. Finally, we partner with a network of VAR (value added resale) partners who package up our antennas with their radio system offerings.